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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Small world

Sometimes the strangest coincidences bring us together. Yesterday we were in Nanaimo to look around. We also wanted to find a hotel for the night before Ty Dewi turns up, because we have to be there at oh-early o'clock in the morning. I was going to look into the standard cheap-o lodges on the edge of town but we are walking through the town centre when we pass a nice looking guesthouse with a board advertising $70 specials.

We walk into the interestingly named 'Painted Turtle' guesthouse and have a lovely chat with the Australian owner who was travelling five years ago with his wife and just liked it here. The place is great, immaculate and interesting. They have a two year old and a new baby so common ground is quickly established. We book a family room for next week.

Today I get an email from my mum, who rents out a studio apartment attached to the family home back in Shropshire.

You will love this! I have today spoken to a lady called Doreen who lives in western Canada and has booked the Croft for an eight night stay in late May early June. We got talking as you do, with our important canadian link. She was quick to say you and Gesa should go into the 'Painted Turtle' in Nanaimo which is a guest house run by her daughter Angie and her husband Bruce, and I think she said they have a baby now."

Serendipity is a wonderful thing to have on your side.


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