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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Canada, eh?

Here, on land, in Canada, we are starting to set up a few of the essentials of a 'real life' ashore. This can occasionally throw up interesting situations, I'll try to report on some of them.

The other day, it was time to get back to having a mobile (or 'cell') phone. Off I go to the store, having done some research and wanting a 'pay as you go' or prepaid phone.

'Sure sir, but have you thought about a monthly plan?'
'I have no address or credit history'
'You'll be wanting a prepaid then.'

So I choose one and he goes to activate it. His computer asks for various information.

'Er, I need an address, maybe where you are staying?'
'OK' and I give him Ian's address

'Phone number?'
'That's why I'm here'
'No, we need a home phone number.'
'Well, why not just put the store number?'
'We can't do that, they need to call it. Maybe we can put your buddy's number?'
'Why do they call?'
'Oh, they always do a customer survey about a week later.'
'Hm. So they'd say hi, the guy who stayed with you a week ago bought a phone from us, do you think he's happy with it?'
'Mmmm. OK, let's put the store number.'

So now I'm back in the world of the mobile phone, sigh.


Blogger marcia said...

similar situation in the UK 2 or 3 years ago:

To open a bank account, how do you provide a utility bill with your current address when you've just moved here?

You can't get a foreign car registered in the UK unless you provide prove of a UK insurance. But you can't just insure a car that hasn't got a UK registration number...took us weeks to find an insurance which agreed to do it.

Have fun getting settled!!!
Love, Marcia

6:51 pm  
Blogger ~Yan said...

Ha! The joys of being the new kids on the block...

Here in Chile, you can't get a cell phone (even pay as you go), nor a bank account without a national ID number. You can only get one of those once you have residency. Moreover, the bank account also requires a good monthly income from a DOMESTIC source. Blah.

Needless to say, renting an apartment without a bank account or a cell phone is a frustrating exercise.

It's all worth it in the end though, right?

Good luck!

9:37 pm  

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