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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More treasure

We've been getting good at this treasure thing. Our friend Helen, when with us in Culebra, found a strange articulated ring when snorkeling. We all guessed it was some cheap piece of stainless bling, but she has since found out that it is white gold and pretty valuable, a nice find.

On Volleyball Beach in Georgetown, we are playing a game when we hear a discussion involving Issie next to the other court. As experience shows that such discussions could be going either way, Gesa heads over to see what is going on. As it turns out, Issie has found some money and on of the people there is a regular in the Georgetown community and has already agreed to keep it safe, announce it on the radio net the next day and we hope that someone claims it. All we learn is that it is a 'substantial sum' of cash and if it's not claimed it'll be Issie's of course.

The next day it is announced, and not claimed. We have already decided that Issie should have a little as a reward for honesty and the rest go to a local charity, so I dinghy over to the boat holding the cash and they are pleased to hear that. It turns out that it is well over a hundred dollars, and the cruisers there have good links with a local charity through the annual regatta. Issie gains a ten dollar reward, and we learn that she was very honest and proper, not even wanting to touch the cash, just pointing it out to the nearest adult.

Hopefully a good lesson learnt, but we did think what if. What if you are walking a beach in a lonely island and you find ten dollars washed up on the shore. A fairly easy question. A hundred? Probably still pocket it. A thousand? Ten thousand? Get more difficult doesn't it, especially in an area where drug running is still a profitable and regular activity. At what number of dollars do you turn it into the local police? Discuss!

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