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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rolling along

Ty Dewi is back in her favourite mode - rolling. The wind is behind us, we are making good time and rocking fairly gently from side to side as we go. It's fairly comfortable, although don't ask Gesa whether she agrees. Max is a lot better now, he and I have just spent a lovely half hour on deck (it's 4am) watching the stars, shooting stars and phosphorescence in the wake. The Southern Cross is visible at this time in the morning, low in the southern sky, so that's a rare treat for us to see as we are rarely awake at this ungodly hour.

The weather forecast continues to be good, this weather window we took will close on Wednesday afternoon with the arrival of a strong cold front bringing fairly strong winds from the north. We will, hopefully, be safely tucked up in South Caicos by then, where it is well sheltered from most directions. We are due to arrive at daybreak tomorrow morning. I'd considered doing the extra hundred miles straight to Mayaguna in the Bahamas but the front will have arrived by then so that's no longer an option. I think it would be nice to see the Caicos anyway, the snorkeling and water clarity is supposed to be outstanding.

So, all's well and just over twenty four hours to run.


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