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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arrived in the Bahamas

After a rough and windy trip, we made it to Mayaguana in near record time. We came into Abrahams Bay though the gap in the reef and carefully dodged shoal patches and coral heads to anchor and rest whilst waiting for the sun to get behind us for the trip to the other end of the bay. (Look up our current position to see what we're talking about here) With five miles of shallow water upwind, the anchorage was choppy and uncomfortable, but let us rest a bit.

After lunch we upped anchor again and followed a path through the scattered coral heads, with Gesa on the bow calling out the dark, shallow patches of water over the walkie-talkie. Slow going, but slow and steady is safe, and eventually we are anchored at the populated end of the bay. We're really in the 'out-islands' here, there are just four other boats and the bay has nearly a mile of shallow water in front of us before we can get ashore at the dock. That will wait for tomorrow when we will check in and explore.

The strong winds, 20-25 knots for a week now, are getting us down. Anchorages are bumpy, swimming is less fun so we don't do it, going ashore is wet and there is a constant noise of strong wind in the rigging. It's forecast to settle down again on Thursday and we really hope we'll get back to the bright sunshine and balmy warm breezes that are the norm around here.

Well, I've just been served a bowl of popcorn to go with my beer, so it's time to sit back and relax at last.

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