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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Moon party at Trellis Bay

We squeezed our way into Trellis Bay yesterday with little problem finding our comfortable anchoring spot in a massive mooring field. We had been here before and picked our spot with ease.

Then we could sit back and watch with amusement as boat after charter boat made its way into the increasingly congested harbour to try and carve themselves an anchor spot. Some coming too close to us for comfort, others not watching their depth sounder and running aground!!! They were all here, as we were, to watch the Full Moon Festivities that happen each month here in Trellis Bay, right next to the airport. This is less grim than it sounds, the airport is tiny and well hidden, apart from the occasional take off and landing you wouldn't know it was there behind the palm trees. It also has the best airport-boat commute in the western world, just a five minute walk sees you at the dock and in the dinghy to our anchored boat.

The highlight of the full moon party is the fireballs, three big hollow steel sculptures supported a few feet off the beach, over the water. They are stuffed with kindling and wood, covered in lighter fluid and set ablaze mid way through the evening. Gesa was far too tired..930pm is way too late for her, but the fireballs eventually did get lit, the juggler could sort of juggle, and the people in stilts managed not to wobble too much as throngs of boaties took photos of them.

We found our friends on Ta-B and the kids had a ball climbing the tree house, bouncing in the giant hammock and dancing to the reggae beat. Here is a composite photo of the night's festivities. Windy and squally this morning, but we have hopes of making our way back to the Baths today.

All well, but everyone VERY tired. There's so much to blog about the past two and a half weeks cruising with our friends and parents, but let's make sure we keep up with current events and try to fill in the past as we go along!
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