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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Meltdown Max

Another sequence of 'life with Max' pictures. He is something of a Jekyll and Hyde character is our Mr Max, and on a stroll around Solomons village today he turned on the darker side. Demanding to be carried he reacted very badly to 'later, maybe' and decided that perhaps screaming, hitting and namecalling would help get what he wanted. Some strange logic there.

I deliberately didn't link our destination, the ice cream shop, with the debate at hand, but once in sight of the store I stopped dragging him along and continued alone. Gesa, ahead of us with Issie, kept her finger on the shutter.

'Hi, how are you' says the lady at the ice cream store. 'Three of us are fine, but one back there isn't so good', I reply. 'Yes, we could hear that from a way off....' Ice cream quickly quelled the whole thing and Max was nice as pie afterwards.

Again, click the picture for a bigger image, if you dare.

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Blogger pp said...

Laughed nearly wet myself!!! Brought back toooooo many memories

7:55 pm  
Blogger Julia said...

Oh me oh my!! I think he and Aiden will get a long like quite well!

5:55 am  

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