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Monday, November 17, 2008

Almost in Beaufort

23:00 UTC 17/11/08 Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina

We're almost at Beaufort where we will hide out for a day or maybe two. This storm front has developed significantly and is now causing the coastguard to issue warnings about fifty knot winds and advising all mariners to seek safe harbour. Thank you Herb, it's only because of his advice that we are within reach of safe harbour right now, otherwise we'd be hunkering down and preparing for a big one.

We'll find a good anchorage and write some more tomorrow. Meanwhile, all's well.

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Blogger Claudette said...

So glad that you`ve sought shelter from the forecast gale - it would appear that Herb`s spot-on again!
How is the newest crew-member coping on her latest adventure?
Thankyou so much, Nick, for your regular blog-postings - they`re very much appreciated.
Enjoy Beaufort!
Hugs to all.
R & C.

1:28 am  

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