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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Issie and Maxism

Background. We have a policy of answering the kids questions properly whenever we can. As a result they have a pretty good working knowledge of the birds and the bees, among other things.

So today they are playing 'astronauts'. The blanket is down as their magic carpet, the walkie talkies are space radios, they have their underwear on their heads as space helmets and they have landed on the moon. We are busy doing other things, hearing snatches of their play conversation until our attention is caught by the following exchange.

'so you can't have sex on the moon' says Issie.
'what's sex?' asks Max.
Issie goes on about the birds and the bees...'and that's how to make a baby,' she concludes.
'oh. so why can't you have sex on the moon?'
'erm...because it's inappropriate' says Issie.

Gesa and I are stifling giggles by this point, with some difficulty. I'm just impressed with Issie's use of 'inappropriate'.
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Tee hee hee!

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