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Thursday, October 09, 2008

A beautiful anchorage

We have been slowly making our way down the upper reaches of the Chesapeake towards Annapolis, where we will stop for provisions, laundry and the Boat Show - the biggest sailboat show in the USA. Meanwhile we have been travelling a couple of hours each morning and catching up on school and maintenance in the afternoons.

Yesterday we stopped at a place called Worton Creek. It is a gorgeous tree and beach lined bay which leads into a narrow winding creek hiding a few marinas and homes. We stayed outside in the little bay and explored by dinghy. There was almost no wind, and as the afternoon wound down we took the kids to the beach and built a campfire. Digging a hole in the sand, collecting driftwood and sitting around a little fire as the sun set, drinking a beer and chatting. It was a very beautiful spot. The kids set up camp a few yards down the beach and built their own 'fire' with dry sticks, so we were all content.

This morning was a little more cloudy and the trip was bumpier and colder with the wind against us, but we're just ten miles north of Annapolis now and whilst still beautiful, it is more built up. This is clearly easy reach of Washington DC and the waterfront homes show that clearly. Tomorrow we'll motor on a little and find a spot to stop for a few days.

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