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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back in Boston

We've had a fun couple of days in Rockport, some thirty miles north of Boston, and today we came down the final stretch to close the loop on our Maine adventure since June. At last, the wind blew and we were able to sail for the whole four hour trip. The seas were short and lumpy, so Gesa was quickly curled up on her bunk but the sailing was fast and we are now bobbing fairly gently behind an island in Boston Harbor.

Tomorrow we will move into the main harbor, hopefully back to the space we first used back in June and then spend the next five days in and around the city, meeting old friends and seeing some more of the sights. Then we'll stock up and be ready for the next phase, new ground and the trip to Cape Cod and onwards.

The weather remains decidedly British in nature, only yesterday was warm and sunny which allowed for some much longed for time on a beach before the rain and greyness reasserted itself over New England today. It's not forecast to improve until next week but the sunshine can't come soon enough. It isn't cold but oh what a difference the sun makes. At least for now we are in and around the city where the weather is less of a feature.

More later. N.

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