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Thursday, June 05, 2008

All well and good

05 June 08 10:40UTC 38'33N 069'11W

It seems that our near gale at midnight was the worst of it, touch wood. Now, at daybreak, we've got twenty to twenty-five and are nearing the northern edge of the gulf stream. We've been ultra conservative all night, tootling along under a reefed jib at about five knots, and the motion has made it hard to sleep so everyone is tired but otherwise OK. Ken and Dave are accusing me of actually enjoying this sort of weather. They're right.

So the wind we have now is what Gesa and I sailed in quite regularly between the islands back in January and February. It's a bit different when it's grey, rainy and five degrees cooler so we're still only running with triple reefed main and a bit of jib, but as we have breakfast and reassure ourselves that the big squalls aren't coming, we'll speed up and make for the Massachusetts shore.

Onwards. All's well. N.

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Blogger diane said...

Phew! That's a relief!

The YORTREPS thingy went off for a bit ...

... I new you'd be ok really ...


12:03 pm  
Blogger Julia said...

It is always good to wake up and find you have posted something new while I have been asleep. Great to hear how well you are sailing along.


6:16 pm  

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