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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


28 May 08 20:20UTC 27'17N 064'28W

It's hot, there's no wind and we're motoring. It's hard to summon up the energy to move and the thrum of the engine works it's way into every nerve and fibre inducing a semi-comatose state among the crew.

We can be thankful that the first four days had such good winds, especially as this light patch has been forecast for yesterday and failed to materialize. The wind did drop mid afternoon after a strong squall went through and left very confused seas. An hour after, the wind came in from the north east and we had a lovely fast sail all night until about six o'clock this morning, then we sailed slowly over breakfast and turned the engine on afterwards.

We did take the opportunity to stop and swim for ten minutes before lunch, diving down in water some eighteen thousand feet deep. That was fun. Couldn't see the bottom though.

No cocktail yesterday - we were just getting moving in lumpy seas and there wasn't much demand for sundowners. Tonight we are breaking into the malt whisky cabinet for a wee dram of Scotland's best.

All's well. N. Three hundred miles to go.

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