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Monday, May 26, 2008

Do Planters Sill Vu Play

26 May 08 21:40UTC 22'57N 064'26W

It's cocktail time (last night, Santos Dewi Libre, Rum, sprite, lime, ice)

Dave tells us of arriving in Martinique, ready for a drink and sitting at the bar asking the barman 'two like that please' pointing at the drinks of the previous customer. Gallic shrug and shake of the head. He waits, listens to the next customer order something and copies that. Two Planters Punches duly arrive (Deux planteurs, s'il voux plait) and the evening proceeds much more agreeably.

So tonight's cocktail is a planter's punch - rum, orange juice, banana puree, sprite, nutmeg. Tragically, this consumes the last of the ice so we're onto warmer beverages from now on.

As you may be able to infer, we are not too stressed by the current weather and seas. We've covered another 115 miles in the last twenty four hours and are still traveling nicely, and comfortably, towards Bermuda. No fish though, that would be good.

Little more to report, the ocean rolls by, the very occasional gull takes a look at our fishing lures and apart from that it's Ty Dewi and us.

all's well. N.

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