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Friday, April 18, 2008

Rescuing a duckling

We've been amused to note that one of the popular excursions here is the 'Rhino Rider tour and snorkel trip' ( This is a tourist special where you pay to rent a dinghy with outboard, and get led off to nice spots around the area.

We call them the 'ducklings' because there is a lead boat (Mother Duck) followed by a trail of ducklings as they come weaving past us, we often see eight or ten groups a day. Even the kids now shout 'ducklings!' as they head towards us.

Yesterday, they zipped on past and then we noticed that the last boat had stopped and was drifting about twenty yards from us. There was no sign of Mother Duck coming back for him, so I popped over in our dinghy and started his engine again for him. As he was ready to set off again, Mother Duck arrived, gave us the thumbs up and thanks, and off they went. We saw them all coming back safe and sound a couple of hours later so we guess his engine kept on running. All part of the service, you know.
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Blogger Julia said...

Aiden would say nick 'saved the day', almost like a super hero!

8:32 pm  

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