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Friday, April 04, 2008

Great delight in the Ward family

Yesterday we heard about a kid's club here in St Maarten. Today it was all arranged and the kids got to go and spend six hours in a couple of small rooms filled with toys and a few other children. They were very excited.

But not as much as we were! We have just had our first day without kids in four months and we got so much done, shopping for boat stuff, arranging liftout, having a quiet lunch together and a drink before collecting them again. Ahhhh, so nice.

After we'd dropped them off, we walked along the street hand in hand like happy teenagers. There are usually two small people attached to one of us. We're taking them back there tomorrow, and for a couple of days next week whilst we scrape and paint the boat.

Those of you using UK daycare, look away now. This invaluable service cost us the extortionate fee of $15 per child per day. That's £7.50. What did we pay the babysitter per hour back in England?

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Blogger Julia said...

How exciting for the both of you, as well as exciting for Issie and Max! Can you imagine just how much fun they had not having to be 'hanging out' with their parents all day. :) *kidding* All in all it sounds like a success for all parties!

7:36 am  

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