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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Issie turns six - part two

The main event of Issie's birthday was a trip to the Guadeloupe animal park, a lovely set of gardens and forest where they breed and keep a nice collection of local wildlife, particularly the endangered species. We all enjoyed walking around, seeing parrots, monkeys, racoons, mongesse, turtles and tortioses, butterflies and birds. It was very good fun and really well done.

A big highlight was the forest canopy walk. This is a set of high suspension bridges strung betwwen the tall trees, up to twenty-five meters above the ground. You wear a climbing harness and clip onto a safety wire as you go around.

Issie was delighted to find that she is one centimetre above the minimum height so she can go. Max has to stay behind but there is a lower, netted version for the little ones so he's actually pretty happy. Issie and I really enjoy being so high up in the forest, and she has no fear at all. Gesa stays with Max until we get back, then she goes off on her own to enjoy the experience.

All in all, we had a lovely day out and even managed to fit in a visit to the big supermarket, always a must-do when we have a hire car, so there were special goodies for tea that night too.


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