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Monday, March 24, 2008

In Nevis

So, at last we have made it to Nevis, having what I would call a fabulous sail here, it has been our longest trip as a family so far, and the crew say that it felt like it too! 55 miles, downwind and rolling a bit but fast, we covered the distance in a little over eight hours.

We hooked three fish, one got away as I began to pull it in (it was 'this' big, honest), one was a three foot, evil barracuda which we released and finally a big seven pound jack that will do well for dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner again and perhaps another breakfast and lunch....

It's windy here in Nevis, gusting over 30 knots at times but we're safely on a mooring bouy and will do customs in the morning. They don't allow anchoring here any more, you have to take a mooring, so we'll look at the weather forecast and decide how long we want to stay before moving on to St Kitts and beyond.

It's three thirty, Gesa has just served up hot buttered popcorn and I've got a fish to cook. Adios.

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Blogger Julia said...

Yay! It is nice to read that you arrived safe and sound.


5:16 am  

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