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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Amazing snorkeling experience

After Issie's brush with the evil stinging thingy of Martinique, we were pleased to get her back in the water the next day with little problem. We went to the other side of the bay and swam along the shoreline to be greeted by an astounding sight.

At first, there were a few fish, about four inches long, sardine like and swimming together in a school, gliding here and there. Following them, there are more, and then more and more, a school of fish so big and so thick that you couldn't see the reef below. There must have been hundreds of thousands of fish, moving in that elegant, swooping movement reminiscent of a huge flock of starlings wheeling above a city. If we dived into the school, as Issie did constantly, they parted and swam around us, we could float back to the surface in a bubble of fish.

Gesa noted that it felt like being in a Jacques Cousteau film. I half expected David Attenborough to materialise as some informative voice-over. Sadly, no pictures, but an unforgettable experience.

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