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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maxisms and Issieisms

A couple more from the kids. They are spending a lot more time around us now, of course, and see us in good moods and bad. As a reminder that it all gets heard and stored, both kids now occasionally use 'Oh my God' (say it in a slow, stretched, exaggerated way) and Issie has been heard to say, in a very grown up voice 'Max, for goodness sake'

When swimming, we sometimes play 'torpedoes' where Max floats with his arms in front of him and we push him through the water. The mountains here are called the Pitons. Max now calls all tall spiky mountains 'Torpitons'

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Blogger Julia said...

This gives me a giggle! I can totally hear Gesa saying "Max, for goodness sake"...and now can hear Issie's voice with it as well.


6:06 pm  

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