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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Day in the Life, 3/3

530pm We are back on the boat, and ready for an evening swim. We all jump off the boat, and Nick and I take turns tackling the weed that has collected around the waterline in her 9 months at sea.

615pm Time for our solar shower. I rig it up on deck to fall through the hatch in the forward heads (bathroom). Water is limited, so we take it in turn: water, off, soap, water to rinse, off, next! Today was hair washing night, so Issie and I did the first part in the sea while hanging off the boat ladder, before doing a fresh water rinse with the shower. Gives new meaning to bathing!!

700pm While we all get ourselves sorted, the kids continue to play while Nick writes some emails (providing technical support to friends and family back home) and I sort a light dinner of baguette and salami. As a special treat, we decided on a TV dinner. Our friends Sean and Char gave us the first series of 'COAST' on DVD. We opened up the saloon couch so that we could all sit together, and thoroughly enjoyed the first episode.

800pm Things are a lot later than normal because of our special TV night. Nick has taken Issie into our room for her story time, while Max and I head to the kids room. There they go over Max's words and read his reading book, before reading his current favourite 'Charlie Brown's Christmas', a story book rescued from my childhood. I sing 'There's a hole in my bucket' while Max slowly fades with the red bicycle light in his hand.

830pm I extricate myself from the kids room. Issie is happily reading to herself, and is disgruntled that it is bedtime so moves reluctantly to her own room. Meanwhile Nick has cleaned the dishes and been doing more emails.

900pm Finally, it is Nick and Gesa time (again, later than normal), but we both find the energy to actually read in our books, and snuggle together on the saloon berth.

930pm We check on the kids. Issie has decided to go to sleep on the landing!! We move her into her bed and finally retire to our own bed.

1000pm It is far too stuffy in our room for two. I seek out the space and coolness of the saloon berth. Peace at last..

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