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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Max goes to school

Max has started at 'pre-school', which runs every morning at the same school that Issie goes to, where she is now in Year 1. He was very excited to be going to proper school with his big sister, and we all cycled round there full of excitement.

He loves it, of course. It was only at the end of his first day that I realised which T-shirt he was wearing. Gesa said she just pulled it out of the drawer because it was his smartest, newest T-shirt, and hadn't looked at the words.

It says 'better a bad day on the water than a good day at school....' I hope his teachers didn't take offence.
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Blogger Julia said...

*grin* I love the shirt, but I see your point. You might just have to send Max to school with an apple to help make amdends. :)

6:56 am  

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