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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recycling - not everybody gets it.

Given the price of groceries here on St John, we were pleased to see that the local market is encouraging recycling by giving you 10% off if you buy over $25 and use the re-usable shopping bag. We always carry our own bags because we hate too much plastic, especially in the mainland american culture of 'put in two items then double bag it' supermarket packing.

So at the checkout I decline the plastic carrier bags, fill our own and ask for our 10% discount. "Oh no, it's gotta be a national park bag to get that". Er, but the whole point is to use less bags, right. "No sir, we only give a discount if you use that bag." So I've got to go to the park office, get an extra plastic bag that we don't need and it takes oil to make, then I get my 10%. "Yes, sir." She's getting a little annoyed with me now so I pack and go. "Happy holidays". Indeed, and shall I double bag that?

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