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Friday, December 19, 2008

More Max Treasures

We are turning into a bunch of scavengers. Max found a coconut beside a dock in Road Town, Tortola and insisted on it coming back to the boat. Without much hope I promised to open it, so we found a way to tear off the husk, which revealed a very small coconut nestling inside. Using the good ol'hammer trick to open it (tap the coconut sharply, turn it a bit, tap again, turn, tap, continue for a couple of full turns) we opened it and found it was good, nice sweet meat inside.

We are now unable to pass a fallen coconut without requests to bring them back to the boat, which we often do since even getting only one in three is good when they are almost two dollars in the store! They don't grow on trees, you know.

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Blogger Julia said...

What a tiny little coconut! I would have never expected it to be so little.
What a fun experience!


11:23 pm  

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