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Friday, September 19, 2008


The kids meet few other children out here, school is back now and the beaches are empty of playmates so when we bumped into a six year old girl on the dock at Block Island, I said Hi to her Mum, busy filling water canisters just as we were. 'This is Isabelle', she says, 'she's six'. Well, a coincidence like that can't be ignored so, despite it being a little late in the day, we invited her back to the boat for a playdate. They had a rowing dinghy and a long away to row, so we towed them - Issie and Max had to be in their dinghy.

A fun time was had by the kids, and they were sad to separate when Heidi and Ray came to pick up their Isabelle. They live aboard in the summer, based in Rhode Island, but are mulling plans to head south sometime. We wish them luck.

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