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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


15:20UTC 20/11/07 18'06N 026'20W Wind NNE3

Yippee, woohoo, yeah. We got wind. And not just because yesterday's meal plan had baked beans for breakfast and bean casserole for dinner.

Engine off at lunchtime, under full sail since then, breeze building slowly and forecast to be good for the foreseeable future. At last we're on the move and the atlantic looks like and ocean again.

The last few days have been frustrating but amazing at the same time. Her's my note to Gesa this morning, which sums up last night's experiences:

Good morning. It's 6:30am and although it should be Ed's watch, I'm not tired so I'll let him sleep. At last the wind is building, still only 7 kt but pushing us along nicely at 3-4kt in the right direction. Dolphins visit, clicking and whistling to each other, breathing lazy sighs as splash gently around us. Distant lightning over the Cape Verde islands flickers and lights up the sails, even from 100 miles away. A freighter looms on the radar, come into view and passes 2 miles behind us. A shooting star dives across the sky, so low it leaves a trail in the sky and I can hear the fzzzz as it blazes into oblivion. All this in the last 3 hours.

All's well. Nick.

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