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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


17:00UTC 21/11/07 17'26N 028'44W Wind NE4/5

Well, what a difference a day makes, as Jamie Cullum is crooning on the stereo. We are not well and truely in the tradewinds, with a good 15-20 knots of breeze from almost right behind us. The familiar rolling is back, something I'm used to from the first trip from the UK to the Canary Islands, but fairly new to this crew. They'll have to get used to it because if all goes to plan they'll have another 2 weeks of it! We're all learning to walk around using the movement of the boat, pausing until she's going our way rather than fighting the motion. It's kinda like dancing, balletic when you get it right and comical when you don't.

The chart positions are looking better too, we've finally escaped the tenacious clutches of the Cape Verde Islands, putting an extra 130 miles on the log in 24 hours. And we're pointing almost right at Antigua, with a slight diversion south to stay in the best breeze. It is hard to believe that just 48 hours ago we were becalmed, tied alongside another yacht.

Cocktails recently have been:
Sun: Flight of Fantasy (gin - lots, orange, apple, peach)
Mon: Completely Bananans (v. ripe banana, dark rum, vodka, milk, lemon zest, ginger)
Tues: Whitecap (vodka, cucumber, lemon juice, salt, splash of water)

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