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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Time to go

After what seems like a long, drawn out couple of months, it's finally time to fly back down to the Canary Islands and get back on board. Friday will be spent travelling, hopefully arriving at a fairly civilised time in the early evening. Saturday is preparation and provisioning then Sunday should be time to set sail. We'll try to post to the blog each day enroute, so do keep coming back to follow our progress.

Crew this time is my father, Dave, one of his work colleagues, Ed, and my college friend Ian Sheldon. For those who don't know Ian, it's time for a shameless plug - visit his website at to see his artwork, Ian is an acomplished artist and author living and working in Edmonton, Canada, and has flown over to join in our trip so look out for future works inspired by the Atlantic skyscapes.

So goodbye, adieu to fair old England, for I don't know when I'll see these shores again.


Blogger Blacklight said...

Sorry not to have managed to see you before you left - it looks like you've been making full use of the time though! Hopefully I'll see you at the other end one day, instead.
Safe journey & happy adventuring! Danielle

4:30 pm  
Blogger Julia said...

I have been thinking of you these past few days. What does one say...I wish you great weather and great (but safe) adventures.

All the best!!

4:31 pm  
Blogger diane said...

All the best, Nick.
Safe journey.
I've got the 'Atom' feed set up and will be looking in every day...


9:20 am  
Blogger The Mig said...

Safe journey Nick. I can't believe it is time for you to go already. We'll be thinking of you and wishing we were on board with you for this leg too. Happy rolling.... :-)

10:44 am  

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