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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


16:30 UTC 14/11/07 24'10N 020'11W Wind NE3

Very pleasant sailing right now, as we head south to pick up the easterly tradewinds. The traditional maxim is 'sail south until the butter melts, then turn right'. Well, unless the fridge breaks down, we'll not see the butter melt so we're using the chart and weather forecasts to make the call on turning right, sometime in the next day or two.

Nighttime rewards us with an endless blanket of stars and numerous shooting stars. There is a new moon right now, a narrow silver sliver with the whole moon visible in dark relief alongside. It sets early, around 10pm, leaving us with just starlight, and plenty of it.

We see little shipping, just two ships in the last 36 hours. A fishing boat, long-lining and hauling in their line over the bows. And then, at night, a supertanker from the African Coast (Nigeria?) looms on the radar and then over the horizon, alter course to miss us and plods off towards the USA to fill the tanks of a million SUV's.

Something took our fishing lure from the end of the line last night, so we've set another one but nothing yet and hopes are fading for fresh dinner. Tonight's tuna will be out a can.

More tomorrow. N.

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