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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One thousand to go

17:00UTC 27/11/07 16'03N 43'18W Wind ENE4

We continue to move westwards, another 140 miles yesterday. It's odd to think that what we do in 24 hours, an aircraft does in 15 minutes. We'll grumble about being delayed for a couple of hours at an airport, yet just 50 years ago, crossing this ocean was by ship for most, and delays of a day or more were common. Travel was for the wealthy or the enterprising, yet now most 18 year olds can buy an air ticket around the globe by working in a pub for a month. Sailing an ocean has changed too, maybe it's not become quite as accessible as 500mph jet travel, but what was once the preserve of a few crazy yachtsmen is now possible for the average crazy yachtsman, so here we are.

The DTP (distance to pub) is now almost down to a mere 1000 miles. We can almost taste the rum.

All's well. N.

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Blogger Julia said...

It is nice to see you recognize your own craziness. :)

It sounds like all is well, we (my mother, step dad, and Aiden) have been enjoying your entries each night. Always a great read with excitement, intrigue and something new learned. It does help that my step dad is from a fishing family from San Diego and can explain a bit more in detail furling, jibs and the like.

All the best!
Julia and co.

5:30 pm  

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