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Saturday, November 17, 2007

More motoring

It's been a busy day today. The weather is perfect for pottering, if not for sailing, as the sea is almost flat calm. Over the past couple of days, we've cleaned the decks, washed the solar panels, whipped and sealed various fraying rope ends, rewired the compass lamps, hung a couple of pictures, moved the barometer, investigated a potentially leaky window and still had plenty of time for reading and snoozing.

The lack of wind is frustrating, but there's nothing we can do but keep on motoring. The thrum of the engine works it's way into your mind and soul in a way that's only really apparent at the relief of being able to turn it off from time to time. We drift at night, running quiet under sail and accepting the lack of progress in return for quiet sleep.

The forecast predicts more of the same for another three days. The pilot charts give long term averages for the weather in each section of the Atlantic. Here the prevailing November winds are force 4 from the NE or E, 65% of the time. Calms are reported 2% of the time. 2% of a month is one day. Hmm, statistics.

The crew comment that they don't get to read the blog, and agree that they don't really want to; as Ian points out it'll be fun to relive the voyage again back home by reading these reports for the first time. Realising that Ian has circulated this website to many of his friends, colleagues and clients, I point out that I could make up all sorts of disparaging remarks about them and attribute them to him. Ian laughs nervously.

Food continues to be excellent, although we realise that we could have been more optimistic about the longevity of some fruit and veg. Whilst soft stuff like melons and cucumbers won't last much longer, we'll be sad to run out of fresh apples, pears, peppers and so on, despite the vast amount of tinned fruit and veg on board. Last night's thai veg curry was superb, and there was so much that a good third of it was left over and used as the base for tonights meal. Simple healthy food, and it tastes so good at sea in the open air.

Cocktails yesterday were the 'Elder Statesman',white rum or vodka with elderflower cordial.

Today, Ian surpassed us all by taking his cocktail duties very seriously and beginning preparation at 4pm for the 6pm happy hour. Chopping and marinating fresh ginger, mixing with indian tonic water and dark rum, a touch of brown sugar and slice of lemon. The 'Slow Breeze' is one to remember and recreate.

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Blogger Nick Green said...

Hi Nick, Dave and trusty crew!
Just been very much enjoying a read through the journey report so far. Me thinks the skipper could always become the Bill Bryson of Canada for his stylish travel blogging. Sorry to hear it's a bit of a motor fest these past few days but 27C must be a bit of a compensation. Travel well.
Nick and Kate

2:23 pm  

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