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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hot and humid

22:30UTC 30/11/07 16'00N 050'33W Wind ESE3

It's been a very lethargic day. The weather started out blazingly hot, which had us all hiding under the shades or below, and the heat has grown a lot of thunderclouds, which have now arrived and are giving us a little gentle rain - they didn't develop enough for big squalls - and we're here at dinner time with 29'C temperatures and 100% humidity, not altogether comfortable but we have to remind ourselves that it is probably better than an english end of November day...

Despite the weather, things are getting done - I was driven to wire a new fan into the aft cabin so we now have 'air conditioning'! One of the crew has been seen wielding the varnish brush so we might arrive looking better than when we left (the boat, if not her crew)

Made 131 miles yesterday, and now we are 650 miles from Antigua.

All's well, N.

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