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Sunday, June 24, 2007

English yachting weather

It's June, it's summer, it's raining. Gesa's mum (mama) is visiting, and she has never seen the boat, so we took her over to Woolvestone. Hoping to go for a sail, but the lack of wind and presence of large amounts of rain soon changed our plans.

Here we are waiting for the water taxi. For me, being on the boat is a joy, a release from daily pressures, a different world. That's why I am smiling as the rain pours off my jacket. Mama and the children appear to have a different idea about this situation.

In the end, we had a pleasent afternoon hiding out in the saloon, with the kids playing games, Gesa and Mama taking naps, and I even got a few jobs done too. But still, a little sunshine, please?
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