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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Psst, wanna buy a house?

And suddenly here we are, with the house on the market, viewings starting tomorrow and a frantic tidy up to get the place presentable. The countdown has truely begun. Click on the title of this post to see the estate agent's details.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Finally, the day has come to put Ty Dewi back in the water. Dad was over to help, and a lot of busy work on board left us almost, but not quite, ready to go in. A boat is never ready, so you just go anyway.

At 11am, the travelhoist trundled up to us and wrapped itself around the boat, lifted her up and trundled all 13 tonnes of yacht back down towards the water.

The last job of all is to put antifouling paint on the bottom of the keel. I volunteered dad for this job, so he gallantly stuck his hand under the boat as she swung in the air, and painted the keel. With that done, there should be nowhere for the little beasties to hide and grow, and in we went.

Back in her native environment, nothing leaked, thankfully, and the engine started first time. The new log gave us boatspeed, the depth sounder worked and all was good. We motored down the river, found our mooring, tied up and enjoyed a well earned late lunch.

Now I just want my mast back then we can actually go sailing again. It's been a long winter...
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Grandpa's 65th birthday

Dad turns 65 this weekend, so he asked for a party, inviting the local friends round for drinks and bites - and so we sorted that out. It was great fun, lots of wine and good chat, with two little helpers running around serving food to everyone. They also helped with lighting, and blowing out, the candles....
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Wobbly tooth!

We're driving back down the M6 when a shout comes from the back seat "Mummy - wobbly tooth!!!" and sure enough, Issie's lower front tooth is hanging by a thread. Next day, out it drops and is put in a special little bag (thanks Nana) and under the pillow where the tooth fairy visist and leaves 50p.

The neighbouring tooth fell out the next week. This is putting a serious strain on the family finances and may force us to give up Starbucks for a few weeks.
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We went for the first punting trip of the season the other day - took a couple of punt out with Trevor+DeeDee and Jenny+Keiron and all the kids. Amazing summer weather - 25 degrees in April !?! and a lovely day on the river. This is one of the things we'll miss about Cambridge.

Apologies for lack of blogging - so much going on right now and no time but will try to post a bit every week or so.
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