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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Woke up at 5am with the dawn light streaming in the portholes of my cabin and sounds of Greg thowing up in the heads just the other side of the bulkhead. Mmm. I really really hope that wasn't the chicken. I got back to sleep for a bit then couldn't resist the daylight and promise of a sailing day. The trawlermen were getting going at 7am as I sorted out the passage planning for the day. We were to leave at midday.

Greg surfaced slowly, his malaise certainly not due to my cooking, thankfully, and Ian funished us with a decent cup of coffee. After breakfast, I set off for a wee shopping trip to get the provisions for the next few days. It was odd to be strolling through Aberdeen on a completely different purpose, but I guess we resort to what we know best, as I wimped out of exploring enough find a new supermarket and walked past my usual mid-weekly residence of the Premier Lodge and onto the Morrisons I walk past most weeks. It served the purpose, and I spent equal amounts on a large amount of food and a cellar full of wine and whiskey. I think we may survive the torments of the next few weeks.

A taxi ride back to the boat, some short preparations and we dropped lines for departure. Aberdeen is a very narrow channel serving a busy harbour, and the rig vessels queue up outside waiting for permission to come in. We were let out in a brief gap between boats a hundred times our size.  Posted by Hello


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