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Sunday, June 26, 2005

After an early morning swim with the kids, things were much better and we headed to Luton to catch the Aberdeen flight and say goodbye. It's odd being on this flight for pleasure instead of the usual weekly commmute for work, and I felt like a completely different person sitting on the plane in casual clothes and holiday mode. Before we left, we all had lunch at the airport, before I gave Gesa and the kids a big hug and walked away for 2 weeks without them all. I'm oging to miss them, but am also very grateful to have such a wonderful wife who lets me go away for so long on holiday! (or maybe it's easier when I'm not hanging around...) Posted by Hello


Blogger Wandering Moose said...

Hmm, easier, I am not quite sure...just one less meal to cook. We already miss you, but Issie proudly says Daddy is on the houseboat with Ian...Phoebe's Dad, and keeps saying she wants to go on it...and camping!!! Hmm, some things to line up when you are back!

10:54 pm  

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