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Thursday, June 30, 2005

28 June

Peterhead Deeply. On the days we aren't sailing, the science team goes ashore and investigates a place 'deeply'. this means looking beyond the obvious, noting the little things, getting an impression on the large scale to the small. On the local history side, this involve a lot of talking, or rather, listening, to people. In addition, there are coastline geologies to study, plant and animal life, and water samples to be taken. It's a busy day involving a lot of effort and thinking, plus writing up in the evening. this is one reason that it's useful to have a sailing skipper along, so Ian doesn't have to worry about naviagation and maintenance on top of the research and expedition management.

So whilst they were off around the, rather grim, town of Peterhead, I enjoyed a productive day pottering around Gallivanter. There is nothing as satisfying as simply messing about in boats. I fixed the wind instruments, and glued together a navigation lamp that had come out the wrong side of an argument with Dunbar quayside. Then it was time to sit on the quay and gently sand out the scuffs and scratches from the hull. A pleasant way to spend an afternoon with a pleasingly visable outcome.

In the afternoon, the fog, or har as it is known, closed in, giving Peterhead an eerie feeling with the rig ships appearing occasionally through the mist. It didn't bode well for the morning, but I suspected the forecast SE winds would blow it away before we needed to leave.

Rounding off the evening with a spaghetti bolognese and good bottle of Rioja before retiring in advance of an early start. 80 miles tomorrow to Portmahomack (pron. Portmahumuk), so we'll leave at 7am.  Posted by Hello


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