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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Gesa in decisive mood

We were clearing out the bookshelves and giving away all the books we'll never read again. Gesa has about 6 'organise your life' books which I am determined to get rid of one day.

At one point, I pick up 'The Idiots Guide to Avoiding Procrastination' (seriously!) and ask 'Can this go?'. The answer was 'uh, probably.'

Maybe you should read it first, dear


Blogger G&S said...

Hi Wards!
Enjoying reading your blog. Its great to be able to read all of O and As' exploits too. I am stunned at how much Max has grown, is it an optical illusion, or is he as tall as Issie?
Looking forward to seeing you all in June, we are off camping in Scotland for a fortnight tommorow, fingers crossed for good weather. Has Gesa got a book called 'How to organise, minimise and store your collection of organisation books, without procrastination'! Sorry that sounded more sarcastic than it was meant to! Love Soph.
Guy may be going for a number 2/3 all over - watch this space......

11:06 pm  

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