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Monday, April 24, 2017

Un-wiring and revealing

Having decided that we'll fully rewire, it's so much easier to tidy up the engine compartment. Just pull through the wiring we're going to keep - mostly the antenna cables and other instrumentation, and then tear out everything else. Max came and helped me extract as many cables as possible without slicing them, so we've got good long runs to reuse, and then we tidied everything else. There were quite a few completely redundant cables, not connected at either end...!

That done, the bilge and engine compartment were a very dirty big hole ready to be cleaned up. A day's work with scraper, detergent, wire wheel and elbow grease makes quite a change. I've also cut away some of the plywood sides to expose the fuel tanks, we'll keep doing more of that and tidying up until we can be sure of the condition of everything and start rebuilding.

Before.....and after


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