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Monday, April 10, 2017

Cleaning and Scraping

Whilst all the engine work was going on, we also got along with more of the general tidying and hull work. Max and his friend Finn came along for an hour or so and worked like troopers emptying out the deck lockers, including the deep lazerette. Lots of old, damp stuff down there. Now it can dry out and be prepped and repainted.

I also tried out some approaches to the very well stuck on paint around the waterline. Even the big belt sander hardly made a mark, but taking the power planer to it with a few very thin passes took off the many layers of paint without harming the epoxy coat underneath. It's tough work, with the heavy power tool making my arms ache, but it works and it'll be good to get that all done and sand the whole hull back to epoxy.


Blogger Unknown said...

Try these next time. We took our keel back to bare metal with a few.

10:11 pm  
Blogger Nick Ward said...

Of course, I'd forgotten about those. Still got plenty to go at so I'll grab one and try it out.

11:30 pm  

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