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Monday, April 17, 2017

Cleaner engine, cleaner hull

Having got the engine out of the boat, now we can inspect and clean it properly before starting work. I'd built a sort of tray of poly sheet into the base, on top of the pallet, so we could wash the engine down and catch the dirty water without it going all over the yard.

So Issie got busy with the degreaser spray and and old paintbrush, while I built a little shed to cover the engine and keep out the dust and rain. All looking much tidier now. The plywood sides are all on hinges so they fold down when we're working on the engine.

The next day, my friend Adam had volunteered to help with scraping and sanding the hull. That's a seriously nice offer I wasn't going to turn down, so we cleared all the area under the hull, got out the scrapers, sander, planer and grinder and set to work.

Seven hours of hard labour later and we've made huge progress, with all the waterline paint planed off and ready for sanding, almost every area of paint on the rest of the hull scraped off and nearly half of it sanded to provide the keying for the new epoxy coat that will go on in late summer.

There's quite a lot of small osmosis blisters. They aren't a big problem except that if they grow, they might loosen the epoxy coat, so I'll grind them out and fill the resulting dimples once the hull has had a summer to dry out. Big thanks to friends on Froogal for suggesting the abrasive wheel for the grinder, which works perfectly for this job. And even bigger thanks to Adam, who just works until there's no more work to be done, and does the things that need to be done without being asked.


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