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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rainy day, leaky boat

On a boat, the best place for water is on the outside. But they call these Taiwanese boats 'Leaky Teakys' for a reason. Over the years, there are a thousand places water can find it's way in, most of those thousand are the screws holding down the teak deck, and, beautiful as it is, that deck is coming off. Heaven know what we'll find beneath. 

Today, it was raining outside and water was running along the decks, even below our tarp. Inside, I could feel the damp and decided to go track down one or two of the more troublesome leaks. Removing the lining from one of our lockers showed up one of the trickier problems. This is the diesel fill line, 35 years old. The tube is still in pretty good shape, but the deck fitting is seeping water all around. When we take the decks off, reseating the fitting will solve that. 

In the locker beneath, years of slight leaks have flaked off the paint and left a few stains. Solving the leak and repainting the locker will sort that out.

Up above, behind the headlining, there has to be more trouble. But how much?

In the end, not much, thankfully. Some damp making it's way in through the top left corner where cables run up to the deck, that will need to be sealed up, but otherwise all the water seems to result from the drainage of that leak. We'll let it dry out and eventually all this overhead will be insulated, rewired for lighting and covered with new headlining. Cedar tongue and grove is my thinking for now.


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