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Monday, March 20, 2017

Back to work - Paint blasting

After a couple of weeks away in England, and some time recovering from the cold I picked up there, I've been watching a video blog by an enterprising Danish guy who is refitting his Warrior 39. Check out the SailLife channel. h/t Owen for sharing this one with me.

Anyway, being single, with a 9-5 job, he gets a depressingly large amount of work done every week and records a video about it too. Lots of inspiration, not least of which that anything is possible with determination and power tools. Anyway, he got the hull pressure blasted to remove the paint, so I figured that was a reasonable option.

This weekend, hired a pressure washer with a sand blast attachment....

Parked next door, each side, are two mini-buses from the local transport company. Not wanting to sand blast them too, Issie and I set up a big tarp wall.

And so to work. The sand blasting worked well on metal, but used up sand pretty quickly and wasn't really effective on the layers of paint. But changing to just the the pressure washer with a water knife nozzle got a lot of the paint off in big chips.

Some places, it's still too well stuck to come off that way, so it'll be back to the hand scraper and sanding for that, but this got a huge amount of the work done in two sessions. Also pressure washed the topsides to make it easier to clean when time comes to paint those.

All told, when tidied up and cleared away on Sunday, there was a lot more bare hull to see than paint. That's progress....


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