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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Refit Diary

I'm going to try to keep a diary entry for each day I do something during this refit, so that I can look back and have a record of some stuff. Much of it is just to jog my memory, but I post it here for anyone who might want to follow along (if you're working on a Young Sun 43, good luck!)

Today, it's going to get down to -8'C later this week, so I winterised the engine by pouring antifreeze into the raw cooling water intake and turning her over until I could see antifreeze in the exhaust.

Scraped a few mussels off the hull, then did the main job of the day, building another set of props for extra security. Cut the lumber to size and assembled it, smashing up the ice enough to put some slabs down for support.

Nice couple of hours, working in the sunshine.


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