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Monday, January 30, 2017

Prep, prep and more prep

A weekend of getting ready for the larger jobs. Cleaned some of the deck so that we are lifting clean wood rather than moss soaked grubby teak. Tidied up the garbage around us in the yard, that was just bugging me. Drained the bulk of the bilge, finished lining the cabin, cleared out some more lockers. The list goes on.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Collecting Copper

So the fancy bottom coating - CopperCoat, arrived from the UK at Vancouver airport, making an excuse for a trip across the water to pick it up and take Max along for a day out too.

It was one of those beautiful 'that's why we live here' days with a crystal clear blue sky and snow capped mountains as the ferry took us across the Georgia Strait, and the drive to the airport has glimpses of mountains and ocean at every turn, even right through downtown Vancouver. Lovely.

Collected the goods.

Then Max and I took in lunch on Robson Street with gourmet burgers. Mmmm.

Somehow I think painting this stuff onto the hull will be less fun.

Monday, January 23, 2017

A full day's work

Spent pretty much the whole day at the boat today, popping home for lunch. A bit rainy but able to work outside between the showers. Got a mains power cable wired in, so I can connect to AC power when I'm there and keep the batteries charged up too. 

Then I was able to get to the main jobs, tidying up the mast and getting some potective boards over the teak in preparation for lifting the engine. Lots of trips up and down the ladder with measurements and cut boards. Making progress....

Stripped the mast down by getting all the shrouds and the forestays off, coiling those up and into storage, remove the spreaders and tuck the mast in close to the boat. Still need to work on the forestay and get all the halyards out and replaced with mousing lines. But it's all pretty nice and tidy now. I found that the split pin that secures the forestay clevis pin had been worn or fractured and could have worked itself out. That wouldn't have been good. As with a few things, it's proving we're doing this refit just in time, or maybe a year too late but with Lady Luck on our side. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Mast Tidy Up

Spent an hour today taking spreaders and some shrouds off the mast, labelling everything carefully and prepping for storage, all the time with the Trump inauguration on the radio. Sigh.

And my discovery, late in life but still a revelation, is that an impact driver is a tool of magic. The unmovable is moved.

Mast down - further

So we unstepped the mast and laid it on the deck a couple of months ago at the Comox dock. Now we brought it all the way down to the ground. Some helpful friends have a crane truck so a quick 15 minute job to lift it down and place it on the racks I'd made from old pallets.

And then I spent some time looking over the engine and taking photos of the mess for reference as we clean it all up....

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Get ready to Scrape

Popped over to the yard today to set up the supports for the mast, three pairs of pallets set up to prop up the rig down on the ground so I can work on that much more easily. Prepared the mast for lifting down, which included defrosting the frozen ropes with the heat gun.

I've bought a long handled scraper to take the hull back down to the epoxy coating. It's going to be a long task but attacked a bit a time, it'll be no problem. Perhaps the kids can do some of this one....And it's less potentially damaging than sand or slurry blasting.

And the big step for today, ordered a load of Coppercoat bottom finish - has to be shipped from the UK and even with the boat show pricing, it's a significant chunk of change. But it should last at least 10 years, meaning much less lifting out to paint and none of the eroding biocide laden antifouling. Mum and Dad did their boat with it and are very pleased.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Walking to the Boat, ahh, so nice

Beautiful sunny day here, was in work early, so come 3pm, said what the heck and walked the ten minutes to the yard. Lovely to be able to do that.

Scraped all the mussels off the hull, cleared some snow, removed the saloon table to get full access to the engine and spent a while lying on my belly with a flashlight thinking about how to pull the engine out of it's bay. So much work, fun to be getting dirty hands again.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Snowstorms don't stop us

Today's achievements. Collecting pallets to make supports for the mast, deliver the stern frame and pulpit to the yard, take the solar panels down ready to be set up to trickle charge the batteries.

Then head over to Comox, take the dinghy out to collect the mooring lines from the buoy in the driving snow, then put outboard and dinghy on the trailer and bring home for storage.


Tested out some plans to refinish floorboards - took the brass pulls off and polished, they should look good when lacquered. Checked out the new heat gun to scrape varnish, that should work well. There's a risk I'll get carried away and want to revarnish everything......that will have to be a job for after everything else is done.

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Refit Diary

I'm going to try to keep a diary entry for each day I do something during this refit, so that I can look back and have a record of some stuff. Much of it is just to jog my memory, but I post it here for anyone who might want to follow along (if you're working on a Young Sun 43, good luck!)

Today, it's going to get down to -8'C later this week, so I winterised the engine by pouring antifreeze into the raw cooling water intake and turning her over until I could see antifreeze in the exhaust.

Scraped a few mussels off the hull, then did the main job of the day, building another set of props for extra security. Cut the lumber to size and assembled it, smashing up the ice enough to put some slabs down for support.

Nice couple of hours, working in the sunshine.


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