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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Setting Sail Again

The expanded fleet - Ty Dewi and 'The Pioneer'
So after a long silence on this blog, it's time to start posting again because this summer promises a lot of sailing and family fun around British Columbia.  It looks as if some of my work will need me to travel to most of the BC Coast this summer, and that sounds like an excuse for a sailing trip.  One of the real pleasures of our two years cruising was writing and sharing the adventure, and I've missed that in the busy shore life that we have woven for ourselves here in Cumberland.

So I hope to get a chance to slow down a little and write some more, to share this fabulous place with my friends and continue to think upon the experiences we have and the relationships we treasure.  Welcome aboard again, hope you enjoy the journey.


Blogger Ferney kodu said...

I am so glad to see you writing on your blog again! Greetings to Gesa and the kids. Would love to read about your life over there. Riin

2:45 pm  

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